Alaska economy

Below are some of my publications, reports and presentations about the Alaska economy, listed by topic in reverse chronological order.

Four Alaska Innovations (2007)

This is a short talk which I gave for the Board of Governors of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank during a meeting that they held in Alaska in July 2007.  In it I briefly discussed four “Alaska innovations”:  The Alaska Permanent Fund, The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Program, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, and the Community Development Quota Program.

Gunnar Knapp and Lee Huskey, “Effects of Transfers on Remote Regional Economies:  The Transfer Economy in Rural Alaska.” Growth and Change (Volume 19, Number 2, Spring 1988)

Selected materials prepared for my course on the Economy of Alaska

For many years I taught an online course at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Below are selected materials which I prepared for students in that course.  Note that the Alaska economy keeps changing–so some of the materials are no longer up-to-date.

An Introduction to the Economy of Alaska (February 2014)

Notes on Alaska’s Geography (2007)

An Introduction to the Alaska Oil and Gas Industry (2016)